Your task is to create and test a database in MySQL using PhpMyAdmin. You are provided with a… 1 answer below »

Your task is to create and test a database in MySQL using PhpMyAdmin. You are provided

with a scenario and supporting documents, describing the requirements that Southern Cross

University may have for a database to handle their student enrolments. You are provided

with most of the design for such a database and will need to create a relational database to

meet the client needs. You will also need to add sample data and create SQL queries to

provide results suitable for reporting.

A.2 Scenario

Southern Cross University provides a variety of Bachelor degrees to students studying

internally across campuses at Coffs Harbour, Lismore and the Gold Coast, as well as by online

education. Student enrolments and their progress in units need to be stored in a database.

A systems analyst has partially designed this database (see Entity Relationship Diagram

provided). You have been brought into the project to finish creating and testing the database

to support SCU needs. Additional to the ERD, SCU has provided you with some lists and

details about what information needs to be stored for enrolment and recording of student

results. Some of the data for each of these lists has been provided in the file

SCUStudentEnrolment.xlsx, included with this assessment. The client had provided you with

as much as they know about the data requirements. As with most client-provided data, much

information is duplicated in the sample data (the data is not normalised), and the

spreadsheets do not reflect the finished database table design.


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