Your partner and you will have to decide on the way forward for this initiative:… 1 answer below »

Your tasks

Your partner and you will have to decide on the way forward for this initiative:

Answer the following questions:

1. Discuss how you would handle the conflict with:

a) your partner and

b) the builder

Explain in detail your conflict management strategy for both the above stakeholders.

2. Select one leadership style and explain in detail how you would successfully manage this

project to completion.

3. Explain how you would use the Seven Quality Control (7 QC) tools and techniques to help

you manage this project. (You must demonstrate the application of these tools in relation

to this project. You may also propose other tools and techniques that you have learned

from this unit).

4. Prepare a risk management strategy for this project. You must identify all risk and explain

your strategy to manage each of the risk


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