Your Major Assignment is to prepare a report detailing the requirements from a Civil earthwork’s…

Your Major Assignment is to prepare a report detailing the requirements from a Civil earthwork’s perspective for these improvements. Remember your group is not building the selected improvements, just doing the earthworks. The major focus of this major assignment is on civil earthworks and the footings required for the proposed structure that your group has selected. However, the following areas listed below, must be covered in your report. 1. Most importantly in this major assignment, you are to focus on Work Health Safety (WHS) issues that could be encountered during these proposed earthworks. More details will be covered during lectures. 2. Your group will further detail the specific machinery you envisage will be used to undertake the earthworks for your structure. You are not designing the structure, or the building proposed, rather you are an earthworks contractor, carrying out the major earthworks, that is required to build the proposed project. These machines will range from major earthwork machinery through to hand held devices, required for detailed earthworks. 3. Your group’s Major Report, will detail, how the Civil earthworks could be carried out. You are to describe how the excavation could be done and determine an estimation of the earthworks quantities and possible costs involved. The approach to costing will be the same as done in Building 2, last year, through consulting “The Australian Construction Handbook” generally known as “Rawlinson’s”. 4. Your group will need to detail any temporary or permanent retaining wall structures, associated with the earthworks, required for this project. 5. You also need to consider a safety plan (Work Method Statement (WMS)) for one aspect of the project. 6. A major aspect is to consider environmental issues such as Sediment Ponds and Erosion & Sediment controls. There is a need to anticipate possible local community environmental concerns. 7. Basically, you are considering a development at your chosen precinct, as if you were the earthworks contractor, constructing it and all that that entails. Assume that Council approval has been granted for your proposal. It is most important you do not contact the Local Council or the developer directly. Your group can discover enough resources to complete this Major Project without the need to contact the Local Council or Developer.


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