You will construct a Portfolio documenting your successes in achieving key objectives in the class..

You will construct a Portfolio documenting your successes in achieving key objectives in the class.
The three primary course goals reflected in your Portfolio will be:
1. Analytical skill building: Improving your critical reading, writing, and thinking skills.
2. Knowledge acquisition: Mastering knowledge of central concepts, ideas, and perspectives of the humanities. A summary of major ethical theories should be included in this section as part of knowledge acquired.
3. Practical application: Learning how to connect course material to issues you care deeply about and thoughtfully applying course material to your own life goals, decisions, and practices.
Your Portfolio can also include information about your work in other areas, such as the work you did to achieve the personal goals. Examples of documentary evidence to use in your Portfolio include, but are not limited to, excerpts from your papers and rewrites, examples of your reading notes, selected Discussion interactions, and email correspondence with the instructor.
Your Portfolio will also require you to reflect on your progress in meeting course goals, including your own evaluation of the effectiveness of your work habits, your reflections on any difficulties that you faced, and any special challenges that you overcame.
The Portfolio may be organized as a Word document, or a PowerPoint presentation.
You can do a powerpoint which will consist of 12 slides or you can do a 6 page paper. Can you please let me know if you can do the assignment please. The term ended yesterday 9/8. Can anyone be able to complete the assignment by 9/10. Thank you.
I. Introduction

II. Explain Analytic skill building
A. Example 1 interpretation/explanation of example
B. Example 2

III. Knowledge acquisition your understanding of the ethical theories (Principle Concepts)
A. Example 1: posting that applies an ethical theory
B. Example 2: posting that utilizes a principle or concept

IV. For pratical application-show how ethics directly relates to your personal or professional life.

V. Conclusion

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