You will address a contemporary organisational or business issue and apply research skills to… 1 answer below »

In this assessment, you will address a contemporary organisational or business issue and

apply research skills to identify, select and analyse 10 sources to form an annotated

bibliography. The issue and resources used in Assessment 1A will also form the basis for

Assessment 1B – Forming an Argument.

A digital communications topic will be selected by your lecturer in week 1. The selected

topic will be the basis of student research for all three assessments.

When examining a topic(decided by the facilitator), consider the following:

• Locate material (books, periodicals, white papers and other documents) that may

contain useful information and ideas on your issue.

• Briefly examine and review the items and select 10 that represent a variety of

perspectives on the issue.

• Write an annotation of 150 words for each reference summarising the central theme

and scope. The annotation should include one or more sentences that,

o evaluate the authority or background of the author

o comment on the intended audience

o compare or contrast this work with another you have cited

o explain how this work illuminates your bibliography topic

• Reference the book, article, or document using APA 6th style in the reference list.

o Use at least 1 in-text citation per annotation.

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