You (the HR Advisor) have identified the need to introduce a HRM Program into your workplace….

You (the HR Advisor) have identified the need to introduce a HRM Program into your workplace. The HR Manager has asked you to present on this program to the monthly meeting of the Senior Management Team. Your presentation should as a minimum: • Identify the program to be introduced; • Explain the nature and scope of the program; • Justify why the program should be introduced and the HR issue/s that it addresses in the specific organisational context; • Identify and discuss the financial implications of the program; • Discuss any risks associated with the program and any associated risk management practices; • Recommend strategies to support the successful implementation and sustainability of the program. It is reported that contemporary business operates in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) environment. There are other influences in the external environment of business that have implications for HRM, including technological, socio-demographic, and physical factors such as fire, flood and disease, to name a few. Recently, a number of businesses have been placed in voluntary administration or receivership with a range of consequences from a HRM perspective, as well as the financial implications. There is a keen focus on how HRM is going to adapt in the world of work to get ahead of workplace disruption.


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