You are working for Adler Services Australia, a Project Management consultancy…. 1 answer below »

You are working for Adler Services Australia, a Project Management consultancy. Your

company has been engaged by Katz Office Fitouts, who are currently undertaking the fitout of

a medium-rise office building in a Melbourne suburb. A team of Katz company staff and

contractors, led by a Project Manager, have been performing the work. The fitout is partcompleted, and the Project Manager, Tony Faultier, has just left the company abruptly,

moving overseas to take up a position in another company.

You have been put in charge of working with Katz Office Fitouts to investigate the current

status of the project and determine any corrective action required, including providing advice

on replacing the project manager, and improving the performance of the project team. You are

to report your findings to the board of Katz Office Fitouts, including Jim Katz, the business

owner and chairman.

The building comprises four levels, and is designed to house 200 people, with 50 on each

floor. Each floor provides 500 m2 of office space. Katz Office Fitouts is responsible for the

entire fitout, including furnishings, plumbing, electrical and data and telecom infrastructure.

200 employees of Walfisch Software, a computer software company, are to be relocated into

the building at the end of the fitout.


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