You are required to write a 1500-word analysis in which you must analyse and evaluate the supply… 1 answer below »

Your task

You are required to write a 1500-word analysis in which you must analyse and evaluate the supply

chain and logistics operations of a nominated enterprise.

Assessment Description

In this individual assignment, you will be given an opportunity to acquire the ability to explain and have

a sophisticated understanding of the core principles and processes of supply chain management

(SCM) by demonstrating a detailed awareness, knowledge and application of current theory in SCM.

More importantly, this assessment will test your ability to utilise a high level of written communication

skills to present informed arguments and analyses of contemporary supply chain management


Assessment Instructions

During week 4, you will be required to start researching an organisation that your workshop facilitator

will nominate. Based on your research, you are required to write a comprehensive report that

describes, analyses and evaluates the supply chain and the associated logistics operations of that


Your report should concentrate on providing valid information from your analysis. Consider the

following dot points as your guide. The format of this assessment is in a report form.

• A brief history of the enterprise

• Scope of its operations along with different market it operates in.

• the characteristics of the organisation’s supply chain and logistical, operational activity (Using

both a descriptive narrative and a supporting diagram to illustrate your findings)

• Analysis of any three (3) activities that the organisation is using to ensure its supply chain is


• Analysis of different ways in which the organisation is influencing all elements of its supply chain

to adopt sustainable practices.

• The organisation’s approach towards collaboration with its suppliers and logistics partners to

ensure end-customer satisfaction with its products or services.


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