You are required to analyse FlexiGroup Limited (FXL) and prepare a report. The report provides… 1 answer below »

You are required to analyse FlexiGroup Limited (FXL) and prepare a report. The report provides

an assessment of the company’s current position and future prospects and incorporates using the different

valuation techniques to arrive at an estimate of the company’s share price. A marking rubric is available on


The final submission should include

Part 1: Financial Performance and Current Issues

In this section, students are expected to meet these objectives:

1) Evaluate the company’s overall financial performance by analysing the company’s share price

performance, financial statements and other relevant news during the last five years.

Price movement

• look for three major sensitive public announcements and the effect of these announcements

on the company’s share price

• technical analysis (50-day vs 200-day moving average lines) to identify buy/sell/hold signals

2) Peer group comparison/industry analysis (compare a minimum of five financial ratios of FXL

with competitors)

• you can get the ratios from Eikon/DatAnalysis

• you can select the most relevant ratios for your analysis.


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