You are hired by Advanced Medicos Limited (AML), a healthcare product sell company, as a…

You are hired by Advanced Medicos Limited (AML), a healthcare product sell company, as a

cybersecurity consultant to help in security management and to address the contemporary and

emerging risks from the cyber threats the company is facing. AML is providing a platform for

Australian customers to sell their products online. The vision of the company is to be among the

top 5 nationwide. The board from the advice by Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief

Information Security Officer (CISO) has concluded that they should get to the point that the

essential services such as web portal should be able to recover from major incidents in less

than 20 minutes while other services can be up and running in less than 1 hour. In case of a

disaster, they should be able to have the Web portal and payroll system fully functional in less

than 2 days.

The company is a new company which is growing rapidly. While the company uses its database

server to store the information of its customers’ private data, credit card info, etc. it has a poordesigned network with a low level of security. As the company is responsible for the privacy and

the security of customer personal info, credit card details, the security of payment transactions,

etc. they have decided to improve their information security. Therefore, they have hired you to

do the following task:

You need to write a reflective report to the CEO of the company and explain the outcome

of your Business Impact Analysis (BIA). In addition, you should develop a policy for BIA.


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