write a 700 word Opinion Editorial that critically analyses the challenges vnth realizing…

Choose gne of the issues listed tSw and write a 700 word Opinion Editorial that critically analyses the challenges vnth realizing aspirations of the common good in your professional community. locally and especially globally. • improving participation for indigenous communities (health sciences. education, the arts or humanities. business. law etc.) • addiction and access to government funded treatment • violation of the rights of detainees or political prisoners • inequity in the distribution of educational resources • inadequate support for teachers in schools • developing a culture of dialogue and encounter rather than a culture of polarization (e.g.. in relation to immigrants. asylum seekers or refugees)(health sciences, education, arts. humanities. business or law) • online organisations (e.g.. social media organisations) working with countries with human rights abuses violence against or persecution of human rights lawyers (or advocates) destructive economic systems the fragmentation of communities (health sciences, education, the ails. humanities. business or law etc.) Additional information on how to undertake this assignment is available on the unit in LEO. Assessment > Assignment 2 Extended Description.


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