Workplace Health and Safety

Assignment is to do with Workplace Health and Safety so didn’t match to any of the subject areas in your drop down box.
Task is
Calculate all relevant results of workplace employee exposures from both
sampling days and review the peak readings (hint: prepare an excel table).
? Consider the health effects of styrene
? Determine the relevance and limitations of the data. What is the WES? Has the
appropriate information been collected?
? Carry out some basic statistics on the sampling results from both days. Comment
on what the results mean and what actions would be recommended or relevant
based on the results.
? The management are considering moving to a 12 hour day for the workers.
Discuss any relevant issues and what the exposures may mean or any
implications for moving to a 12 hour shift.
? Using the above information prepare a report to AIOH report writing guideline,
that is suitable for distribution to OHS Committee Members and Management.

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