Work Health and Safety Practices

This assignment has two projects, please find attached of what is required.

Project 1

Project Instructions


Assume that you are the area manager of three hotels of Queensland Reef Hotels on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. Your responsibilities include the delivery of an exceptional service experience to all clients across the three hotels. The hotels are located in Coolum Beach, Mooloolaba and Maroochydore, and have a long-established reputation in the marketplace for quality and service.

Project 1 – Implement and monitor work, health and safety practices

Throughout Project 1, you are required to create a guide that can be implemented throughout Queensland Reef Hotels that:

  1. Gives good practice advice on how to consult and involve your employees and their representatives on health and safety matters at work
  2. Provides the opportunity for staff members to contribute their views on current and future WHS management practices, including views on how to eliminate or control risks
  3. Enables consultation with the appropriate person when issues need to be actioned, resolved or referred to an appropriate employee within the organisation

In the creation of your guide, ensure that you include the following:

  1. Getting started – Preparing to involve your workforce:
  • Why you should talk to your employees about health and safety
  • Legislation relevant to workplace health and safety
  • How to gain commitment from the organisation and your employees

NB: Use industry examples to support organisational commitment

  1. Getting organised – Planning effectively:
  • What affects how you involve your workforce
  • What you should consult your workforce about
  • When you should consult so that you do it in good time
  • Arrangements for training health and safety representatives
  • Arrangements for signage
  1. Getting it done – Providing practical advice on ways to consult and involve your employees or their representatives:
  • What your duties are when consulting representatives
  • Methods of involving your employees
  • How to involve representatives in investigations and inspections
  • How to set up a health and safety committee and make it work well
  • How/when to provide feedback
  1. Getting it right – Making sure your arrangements for workforce involvement are as effective as possible and cover how you can keep improving by:
  • Monitoring performance
  • Reviewing progress
  • Knowing what to do when things become challenging
  • Plans for referring and resolving any WHS issues that arise in consultation
  • Actions that will be taken to deal with non-compliance

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