work Effectiveness Due at 3:30 am

Work Effectiveness / Human Resource Mgmt 1200 words


  Discuss the link between how employees perform their jobs and their health.

·  Understand job design and ergonomics in order to create optimal working conditions.

·  Identify and explain physical and procedural controls that can be used to enhance security and safety.


·         What are some approaches to employer-sponsored wellness programs?

·         What are the advantages and disadvantages to the employer?

·         What are the advantages and disadvantages to the employee?


·         How does a well-structured wellness program support organizational culture, strategic goals, and performance management?


1.     In a separate file, structure a proposed wellness program for your organization.


o    If there is already one present, analyze its effectiveness, and make recommended changes.

o    If there isn’t one currently, design one that would meet the needs of employer and employee.



You must have a minimum of 8 scholarly references


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