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WK86137 The Impact of Organizational Culture on Ethics in Corrections

The social environment in which a correctional facility exists influences the way it operates when dealing with inmates and employees. Viewing organizational life through the values embedded in its culture can help leaders create and sustain agencies of integrity. Administrative attention to the organizational culture of a correctional facility can promote ethical behavior among employees. Leaders in correctional facilities must have an understanding of how their organization’s culture might lead to potentially unethical policies and practices.

In this Assignment, you examine how a correctional facility’s culture influences ethical decision making in an organization.

The Assignment (2–3 pages)

Your submission should include the following:

· An explanation of how a correctional institution’s culture (e.g., norms, unwritten rules, customs, traditions) can influence the creation of ethical and potentially unethical policies and practices, and how those practices might impact inmates

· A description of a specific policy or practice that you think presents an ethical dilemma in corrections, and an explanation of how that specific policy or practice creates the dilemma

· An explanation of what steps corrections officials might take to maintain ethical conduct within a correctional facility

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