wk6 DQ

This week I’d like to have a simple debate regarding GMOs. I will assign you to either the FOR GMO or AGAINST GMO groups. Please add your comments to the discusion board. This might mean you are arguing for a position that you do not actually believe in- but this is the art of debate!

Here are some links to movies that discuss genetically modified foods that you may or may not have seen.

1. Go to:


There are many excellent free movies on this site. For this exercise, you could watch the movie “Genetically Modified Food- Panacea or Poison” or “The World According to Monsanto”.

2. OR Go to:


and watch “Poison on the Platter”. This movie can be found in the “Environmental Studies” section.

Do some online searches for material related to this topic and please post your comments 1) on your thoughts about the movie you watched and 2) given the literature search and online search that you did, and whether you are FOR or AGAINST GMOS (understanding that you are assigned to one of these positions!), and why?

I will look at the arguments to discern which group- FOR or AGAINST came up with the strongest arguments this week.

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