Ways to Improve Healthcare Services & Accomplishments Challenge & Future Expectations Discussion

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Discussion 1

The Institute of Medicine’s report, The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health,addresses the need for nursing leadership; it discusses the potential for nursing to lead improvement and redesign the healthcare delivery system. Take a look at the video Transforming Care at the Bedside: Empowering Better Nursing Care to see what some nurses have done to improve healthcare in their facilities. Based on your nursing experience, what change would you like to implement to improve care? What are the first steps you would take to implement the change?

Discussion 2

This week, reflect on all that you have accomplished in this course and throughout your program. Consider the following items for this week’s discussion, and discuss a minimum of two. You are welcome, and encouraged, to discuss as many as you like.

How have you evolved as a nurse throughout the course of your studies? Were there any unexpected gains? Did you achieve all that you hoped you would when you began the program?

What challenges did you overcome during your studies? How did you rise above them?

Will your professional role with your colleagues, formal or informal, change now that you have furthered your education and gained new insights into the profession? Explain.

Recall one of your most memorable and/or most challenging courses or assignments or academic experiences. Describe how this experience impacted you professionally and/or personally.

What recommendations would you have for other RNs coming into the program? What tips or words of advice would you offer?*

Discussion 3

Think about a new technology that you encountered in school or the workplace and analyze it from a sociological point of view. What do you think this technology contributes? Are there any negative effects of using the technology? Have you noticed any resistance to it? If so, why do you think this has occurred?

Please in-text citation, references, and each discussion should be 250 to 300 word.

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