Walmarts and Amazon Supply Chain Paper

Apply as much knowledge as possible to each answer to ensure you provide a thorough response.

1) What is your analysis of Walmart’s Supply Chain? Are Walmart’s supply chain capabilities a source o competitive advantage?  Why or Why not?

2) How do you perceive Walmart is doing?  Why or Why not?  (It is VERY IMPORTANT to justify your answer with concepts)

3) What do you perceive are the challenges facing Walmart, and what are the implications for the supply chain?

4) If you are the CEO, what steps would you take to improve Walmart’s supply chain?  Why?  (This is not a simple answer)

5) How does Walmart’s supply chain compare to’s supply chain?  How are they different and how are they similar?  (Again, specifically supporting your answer with references to materials is HIGHLY recommended)

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