Using only ArgoUML modeling tool for class diagram. -Analyze the Zoo Organizer requirements and…

Using the attached requirement to answer the following

(Note for Question # 1 to # 7, each question must be answered on separate pages. To allow for clear understanding of the modification steps).

Chapter one.

Using only ArgoUML modeling tool for class diagram.

1. Analyze the Zoo Organizer requirements and construct the class diagram using only classes, attributes and methods. Export your diagram as an image.

2. Use the class diagram from section 1. Analyze the requirements and introduce inheritance into the class diagram. Remember when doing this you will need to remove attributes and methods as needed.

3.Use the class diagram from section 2. Introduce Composition and/or Aggregation into the class diagram. Make sure for each Composition and/or Aggregation relation to indicate the cardinality.

4. Use the class diagram from section 3. Create constructors for your classes.

5. Use the class diagram from section 4. Introduce Polymorphism where appropriate.

6. Use the class diagram from section 5. By default you probably have all of your attributes and methods set to public. Analyze each one and decide what they should be. Make attributes private or protected and methods should be private or protected or publicas appropriate.The attributes should have constructors with parameters or corresponding get/set methods as appropriate to access attributes.

7.Use the class diagram from section 6. First incorporate changes recommended from the previous assignment’s feedback. Create an exception(s) as needed according to the requirements and include the exception(s) in the class diagram.

Chapter 2.

Write fully complete Software Detail .Design document that incorporates all update on class diagram considering the following points:

  • An overview of the system, not the requirements. What are the technical pieces of the system?
  • An image of your completed class diagram
  • Data stored within the systems. (Data can be stored in a file). The file format should be provided.
  • A subsection for each class. Use the class template (Class Name, Class Description, Class Modifiers, Class Inheritance, Class Attributes, Exceptions Thrown, and Class Methods) for each class. For each method put pseudo-code for that method.
  • Even though you do not need to code a user interface, please design one. This should include screen mockups and descriptions of what happens when the user preforms different actions.
  • A table mapping system requirements to specific class and method that satisfies that requirement when called

Software Detail Design should be a Word document .


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