Use the knowledge that you obtained in the last modules about IS emerging technologies to present a solution plan to the Torrens management.

Task Instructions
The document that you have to write for this assessment will be used as a briefing document for your
employer or consulting client for the emerging technologies in IS used for the business case in the
Assessment 1.
Your learning facilitator should have given you some comments to improve your first assessment. You
need to first address those comments to make sure that you understand the role of IS main elements
in the business model.
Use the knowledge that you obtained in the last modules about IS emerging technologies to present
a solution plan to the Torrens management. The solution plan should be appropriately justified and
illustrate to management what the expected gains of implementing your solution would ideally.
Obviously, your solution should be based on IS emerging technologies.
If you make recommendations on specific systems, you should refer to external sources on how these
have led other firms to significant efficiency improvements in the past. Any referenced used should
be cited using APA referencing style. Please do not forget to include introduction and conclusion to
your report. You are expected to prepare and deliver a 7-minute presentation video as well.
MIS101 Assessment 3 Brief Page 2 of 4
The presentation is the summary of your solution for the business management based on your 850
words report. Please do not forget to justify and critically analyse your solution and discuss its pros
and cons in your presentation. Make sure to check the structure and format of your presentation
with your learning facilitator before the video submission day.
Submission Instructions
There is no specific format for the assessment. Be sure to keep several drafts of your work as well as
your notes and any sources you used to draw on in preparing your report. Extensions will be
considered only in extenuating circumstances where the student has applied before the due date. At
that point, students are required to provide the latest draft, in case the extension is not granted and
to demonstrate they have earnestly done everything to avoid lateness.
You are responsible for keeping appropriate back-ups and drafts of their assignments and to submit
the correct version.
If you use any resource, you have to cite them in your report using the APA referencing style. Torrens
University Australia policies apply to the preparation and submission of this assignment.

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