University of Missouri Intimate Relationships in College Paper

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Now that you all are budding experts in the field of relationship science, consider the following situation. Mizzou has selected you as a guest panelist to discuss intimate relationships among college students. What will you discuss? The organizers of the event would like for you to include in your discussion relevant information on the types of relationships that are common among college students, issues that may make intimate relationships difficult, as well as what couples can do to keep their relationship strong and satisfying. For this final case study, you have flexibility in your approach, however here is a guideline to consider:

Paragraph 1: What is something that incoming freshman should know about intimate relationships among college students? (Examples: what makes relationships intimate? how does hooking up/hook-up culture influence that?) Again these are examples, feel free to discuss what you think is important to know).

Paragraph 2: What might make pursuing or maintaining a relationship challenging?

Paragraph 3: What advice would you give to keep the relationship strong/healthy/satisfying?

Grading: 1 full double-spaced page, Times New Roman, 12pt. font. Each paragraph should contain a citation, or citations from either lecture notes and or the textbook. For citations you can include just the page number from the textbook or date of lecture. You can also use information from anywhere in the textbook (this assignment is not limited to a specific chapter). This is not a group assignment, however you have the option to work with one or two other classmates. If you choose that route, then each person should still submit the completed assignment and include each persons name (just a single horizontal line is fine).

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