University of Malaya Enron Company Questionable Accounting Case Study Analysis

Case Study: Enron: Questionable Accounting Leads to Collapse

1.0 Introduction – Student should be able to do some research on the news and activities about Enron and its officers (shareholders) in the same period of time. The activities and shareholders information should be presented strictly pertaining to the ethical aspects (any year of information are accepted). Length: 125 words

2.0 Examine the interest of stakeholders were negatively affected by a business and affect a business in the perspective of stakeholder theory – Student should be able to identify and explain all the issues related to stakeholders engagement and how they were affected negatively by applying stakeholder theory. Length: 500 words

3.0 Evaluation of the Enron ethical practices aspects – Student should be able to identify the facts or evidence of Enron ethical business practices. The arguments and discussion should be presented with application of FIVE (5) ethical theories to criticize Enron’s business practices (any theories will do). Length: 1250 words (each application 250 words)

4.0 Conclusion & Recommendations – Student should be able to propose FIVE (5) good and effective corporate governance practices that should be undertaken by the top management of Enron, which led by Chairman Ken Lay, from the very beginning of his leadership at Enron. Length: 500 words (each recommendation 125 words)

5.0 References – APA format

6.0 Appendices (enclose the evidences, if any)

7.0 The similarity no more than 15%

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