topic as investigating media specifically newspaper coverage of islam or muslims in the u s to determine how if at all this coverage shifted before and after 9 11

The topic is investigating media (specifically newspaper) coverage of Islam or Muslims in the U.S. to determine how if at all this coverage shifted before and after 9/11.

1) Use Turabian BIBLIOGRAPHY format (not Author/Date and not Notes – -and definitely not MLA or another). You will not earn 100% on this assignment unless the formatting is correct.

2) Most of you do not need to differentiate between Primary and Secondary sources on your bibliography (as my sample does). If you do differentiate these, be sure you do so correctly! Otherwise, it’s OK to just put all sources into one list, alphabetized by last name of author.

3) Book reviews do not count among your ten research sources. Request the book and (if it’s good) use that instead!

4) The outline is to include full sentences of actual content within each sub-point; this can also include quotes

5) Unlike the sample outline provided, you do not need to write out your conclusion, including your thesis, for this first draft of the assignment.

for the reference I want 2 from book and 4 none academic and 4 academic.

Take a look at the sample, please street word and direct style.

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