Research the evolution of the HIPAA law from 1996 to present discussing each of the additions and changes to the law.

Complete the Health Care Resources Matrix.

Include at least three peer-reviewed citations/references, with no more than 10% of your paper being a direct quote.  

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.


you should covered each one of the laws listed below in the matrix.


HIPAA of 1996

HIPAA Privacy and Security Rule – Established in 2002/2003

HITECH Rule of 2009, and

Omnibus HIPAA Law of 2013.


Each of these laws impacted how health organizations had to allocate resources or how an individual had to reallocate or stop allocating resources, thus you should be adding that into the matrix.


You do not need to do a paper in addition to the matrix, though the information you add into the matrix should be comprehensive to demonstrate you have thoroughly researched each of the parts of HIPAA.


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