Time Management is one of the most fundamental and important parts of project management.
It ensures timely completion of a project.
Time management key essential process:

  1. Activity definition
  2. Activity sequencing
  3. Activity duration estimation
  4. Schedule development
  5. Schedule control

Activity D has both A and B as predecessors; thus there is a need for an event that represents the completion of A and B. Therefore, two dummy activities D1 and D2 are added. The common end of D1 and D2 is now the start of D, and so on, Figure 3.

Activity-on-node (AON)
Activities are identified on nodes, as in Figure 1.
Figure 1 Activity-on-Nodes
Activity-on-arrow (AOA) (This is what we will use)
Activities are shown on arrows. They have a beg

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