This case addresses equity compensation at Netflix

This case addresses equity compensation at Netflix. Netflix is interested in whether the equity compensation plan impacts other areas of work life (i.e., job satisfaction, leadership, gender, workforce diversity, task management, team work, etc.). They have hired you as an Industrial/Organizational consultant to conduct a research study. Use the Steps in the Research Process, as a guide as follows 1) Formulation of the Problem; 2) Generation of Hypotheses; 3) Choosing an Experimental Design; 4) Collection of Data; 5) Statistical Analyses of Data; 6) Interpretation of Results and Drawing of Conclusion.Choosing only two variables for the study (one IV and one DV), you are to design the study, make sure to include the following in your response:· State your study’s hypothesis (include the clearly stated IV and DV)?Clearly identify the research design is most appropriate for your study? Why?What data collection methods will you use? What advantages/disadvantages do the methods present?How will the data be analyzed (describe the methods of analysis)?Based on the study you designed, what findings do you predict (think of your proposed hypothesis, IV and DV)?· Prepare your case design in 2-3 pages; use materials from the Netflix case to support your design. Papers must be APA format (an APA overview resource is provided under the Resources tab), created as a Microsoft Word attached file, and uploaded at the designated location.

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