The Planning Process, business and finance homework help

Interview someone you know who is in a management role. This can be at your current place of employment or someone that you know personally who works in a managerial role.

Prepare a 700-word discussion of the interview including the following:

  • Discuss what you discovered about contingency planning.
  • Discuss how creativity and critical thinking relate to contingency planning.
  • Explain how you might integrate creativity into your own planning process.
  • Discuss what you learned about creativity and its relationship to the decision-making process.
  • Identify the key steps that might require a contingency plan.

Planning Process Interview Questions

Interviewee Name: _____________________

·  How do you use the decision-making in your role as a manager?

·  What role does contingency planning play in your role as a manager?  How do you apply critical thinking to contingency planning?

·  What roadblocks do you encounter when trying to apply creativity to your decision-making process?

·  Are any business settings more in need of contingency planning than others?  If so, why might they require contingency planning?

·  What parts of planning are most likely to require a back-up play?  Why?

·  What additional information do you think a future manager should know about decision-making, contingency planning, and critical thinking?

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