The impact of leadership styles on the effectiveness of teamwork in health care organisations

1-This dissertation divided into several chapters.
2-Flow the guideline 100% in attachment called (guideline )
3-Please flow the number of ward for each chapter :
-Abstract =300-500 wards
-Chapter One = 1000-1500 wards
-Chapter Two (methodology )=1500 wards
-Chapter Three =5000-6000 wards
-Chapter Four =4500 wards
-Chapter Five =1000 wards
-TOTAL =15000 wards
4-My key ward , aims ,objectives and research questions in attachment called (file 1).
5-You will find in attachment the table of studies and the Literature Search and Selection Process (methodology ).in file called (chapter 2 ).
6-You must introduce and conclude each chapter except chapter five (conclusion ) .
7-Number of reference 150 .
8-Any questions please contact with me .
9-The writer must change anything according to my comments and my supervisor comments .

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