The impact of equal opportunities policy and legislation is evident within health and social care practice

Ethical dilemma in nursing is requires in order to be able to answer all the requirements needed to talk about what the legislation says and the code of conduct and ethics to use along with all nursing and midwifery conduct.
This is a dilemma and it’s not counted with the words I ordered.
EMPIRICAL KNOWLEDGE VERSUS PERSONAL BELIEFS: In this dilemmas, research based knowledge in nursing practice is contrasted to beliefs gained from such things as religious beliefs. For example, what should a nurse do when a patient is admitted to the hospital that desperately needs a transfusion to live but has the belief that transfusions are unacceptable? The nurse knows this patient will die without the transfusion. How does that nurse emphatize with the patient’s family who supports the family member’s choice and still be supportive of the patient’s and family’s right to this decision ?
NOTE PLEASSE – if this dilemma is to complicated to solve, kindly Google – nursing ethical dilemmas and pick any dilemma you can relate with properly.

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