the healthcare clinic network

Perimeter Security Requirements – Define a perimeter security requirements for the healthcare clinic network. Research Internet and Web perimeter security models, and select a model that is appropriate for the network. Describe the model, and identify the appropriate aspects of the model that are associated with the requirements.

Perimeter Security Design –Provide a design for the perimeter security architecture of the network based on the model selected in the previous step. The design should include the following areas for consideration:

  • State-based filters
  • Border routers
  • Screened subnets
  • Internet Protocol Security (IPSec)
  • Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)
  • Proxy firewalls
  • Digital signatures
  • Access control list filters
  • Fail-safe equipment
  • Equipment redundancy

Section 2 (3 pages)

Database and Server Security– Determine and summarize the methods that are necessary to secure back-end databases for the selected network. Determine and summarize the methods that are necessary to secure front-end UNIX or Windows servers for the selected network.

Client and Server Authentication– Outline the authentication issues for the selected network with Active Directory and UNIX servers and clients. Discuss what authentication methods can be used to address these issues.

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