The Benefits of Human Resource Management in a Leadership Team

Write a Position paper about the benefits of providing Human Resource Management for a leadership team Make sure to take a position on an important issue and support that issue with credible evidence in your body paragraphs. Please use Workforce Diversity.

Example thesis: Global Warming is a hoax because Reason1, Reason 2 and Reason 3. (this is the main idea of your topic)

Paragraph 2: Reason 1

Paragraph 3: Reason 2

Paragraph 4: Reason 3

Paragraph 5: Conclusion

In your conclusion paragraph answer these questions:

How did you use ethos (appeal to credibility) in your essay? How did you use pathos (appeal to emotion) in your essay? How did you use logos (appeal to logic) in your essay? How did having all three appeals (ethos, pathos and logos) create a valid argument for your paper? In other words, how did you appeal to emotion (pathos) in your paper? How is your paper credible (ethos)? How is your paper logical? (logos).

Analyze the ethos, pathos and logos of your paper just like the way you analyzed ethos, pathos and logos in the Week 4 Forum where you analyzed ethos, pathos and logos in a persuasive article.

Make sure your thesis is the last sentence of the first paragraph. (Google Funnel Introduction paragraph) Make sure you have a thesis statement with matching body paragraphs (Google 5 paragraph essay structure). In this assignment, you learn to argue one side of an essay and you learn to argue that one side using plenty of examples from scholarly sources from your field of study.

*Use only third person case in your essay. Do not use first person case (I, my, us, we) in your essay. Do not use second person case (you and your) in your essay. Use third person case he/she/they for a more professional tone.*

Wrong sentence and wrong tone (first person case)– I took steroids while playing sports and now I am suffering side effects from the steroids. Using first person case is too personal.

Wrong sentence and wrong tone (second person case)–You should not take steroids while playing sports because you will suffer side effects from the steroids. Using second person case sounds too preachy.

Correct sentence and third person case–Barry Bonds took steroids while playing sports. (Smith, 22)–Third person case sounds more professional.

PURPOSE: Position Paper
AUDIENCE: author, instructor, others interested in the field
LENGTH: 500-750 words, (Times New Roman font)
SOURCE MINIMUM: 3 total: at least 1 from the library, and at least 1 from a professional organization
FORMAT STYLE: the citation style that is appropriate for your discipline

In this assignment, you should include an INTRODUCTION, BODY, and CONCLUSION.

In the INTRODUCTION, clearly identify the issue and the position that you are taking.
In the BODY, provide support to the position that you are taking.
In the CONCLUSION, wrap up your position along with possible solutions. In addition, in your conclusion, talk about how you used ethos, pathos and logos in your argument. How did you use logos, appeal to logic? How did you use pathos, appeal to emotion? How did you use ethos, appeal to credibility

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