The BCG (Growth-Share) Matrix is old but has stood the test of time.

QUESTION TWO The BCG (Growth-Share) Matrix is old but has stood the test of time. How significant and practicably usable is it today, in the light of vast developments in management tools that help assess market conditions. Use an organization of your choice for analysis. [20 MARKS] 4 QUESTION THREE (a) There is a proposition in management studies that leadership affects performance and that there factors in leadership that are determinants of effective leadership. All those who aspire to leadership, senior and key positions must have a distinctive and powerful set of attitudes and values. Discuss the values a leader should possess to achieve results, inspire others, and work effectively. [10 MARKS] (b) Corporate governance is concerned primarily with protecting weak and widely dispersed shareholders against self-interested Directors and Managers, Discuss the pillars of good corporate governance citing appropriate industry examples. [8 MARKS] (c) Any strategy directions may be undertaken in a different way or by a different strategic method. Explain the means by which a strategy can be pursued. [2 MARKS] [TOTAL: 20 MARKS]

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