the Affordable Care Act

Write a 3850- to 6650-word paper, on the Affordable Care Act. The body of the paper must be approximately 3850 to 6650 words not counting the title page, abstract and references. Research Question: (What effect did the ACA have on the government budget?) Include: An abstract, introduction and background, Literature Review, Analysis section and Conclusion. Include the following in this section (Introduction) of your paper: • Title page • Introduction and background • Purpose statement • Research questions • Definition of terms Literature review that includes the articles from the Annotated Bibliography assignment and connects those articles to your problem, purpose, and research questions. Articles: Blumenthal, D., Abrams, M., & Nuzum, R. (2015). The affordable care act at 5 years. In: Mass Medical Soc. Cannan, J. (2013). A legislative history of the Affordable Care Act: How legislative procedure shapes legislative history. Law Libr. J., 105, 131. Jacobs, L., & Skocpol, T. (2015). Health care reform and American politics: What everyone needs to know: Oxford University Press. McDonough, J. E. (2011). Inside national health reform (Vol. 22): Univ of California Press. Sommers, B. D., Buchmueller, T., Decker, S. L., Carey, C., & Kronick, R. (2012). The Affordable Care Act has led to significant gains in health insurance and access to care for young adults. Health affairs, 32(1), 165-174. Young, K. M. (2006). Health care USA: Understanding its organization and delivery: Jones & Bartlett Learning.
Analysis section for the Final Integrative Paper. Include the following elements in the Analysis section: • Synthesize findings from the literature review with the policy topic for the project. • Explore the effect the policy has had on the segment of the health care delivery area. • Consider the social, economic, ethical, legal, and political forces that have shaped the policy and delivery of services.

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