testing is so essential to the development

Discuss why testing is so essential to the development of a new system; list the different types of testing that can be completed and why each one is critical. Can testing be overlooked to speed up the development effort? 







Testing is essential to the development of a new system due to the fact that the bulk of errors and bugs are typically discovered during this phase. The different types of testing include:

  • Unit tests focus on one module at a time ensuring that each performs as specified.

  • Integration tests measures the level of success when a set of modules or programs work together and whether they encounter errors during any phase of the process.

  • System tests perform measurements on how all modules or programs perform together and if any errors are encountered during any phase of the process.

  • Acceptance tests are performed once all other tests have been approved and/or satisfied and it further ensures that the systems is meeting all user’s needs and expectations along with the business objectives of the development. This type of testing is concluded in two different phases: alpha (testing the system using dummy data) and beta testing (using real data).

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