Temple University Clinical & Counseling Psychology Questions

Question Description

Each student will generate a weekly 15 question, multiple choice quiz fairly testing the content covered by the lecture and reading materials for the week. Thus, there will be 6 quizzes during the semester. The 2 lowest quiz grades will be dropped (thus, your top 4 quiz grades determine how much of the 48% you will earn).

You will generate a 15 question quiz fairly testing the content covered by the lecture materials for the week.

This being week 6, your quiz questions need to be from Chapter 10.

Each question must specify exactly where the question originated (for example, lecture slide 4 of Chapter 5 or page 78 from the text) in addition to having the correct answer clearly indicated in addition to listing 3 or 4 alternative but viable incorrect options. If the correct answer to a question you generate is 27%, a viable alternative answer set could be 17%, 7%, 47% and 67%. If the correct answer to a question you generate is 27%, an unacceptable alternative answer set could be basketball, fog, pencil, and yogurt.

True/False and other forms of questions are not permitted.

Your ‘make’ quiz will be assessed on 4 elements: the quality of the questions, the quality of the answers, if you accurately specified where the question came from, and editing (general presentation and lack of grammatical and typographical errors).

Please note that I cannot open files with .pages extensions so do not submit any graded items for the semester with that extension. Word files or pdf files preferred.

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