Tectonic activity around the San Andreas Fault,

Research the tectonic activity around the San Andreas Fault, describe the type of activity, how the USGS and others are monitoring this activity ( advanced warning systems), history of this fault, and major earthquakes that have occurred. Further more look at the current state of this Continental transform fault and the chance of another major earthquake occurring such as the one that took place in 1906. Feel free to expand upon this topic as needed to meet legenth requirements.

  • Be sure your paper is 8-10 pages long,
  • includes a title page,
  • is double spaced, and has 1-inch margins according to APA formating
  • Additionally you must cite at least 10 sources using APA formating. 
  • This paper will be uploaded into the plagiarism checker, so make sure you do not use more than 15-20% of text from sources, including quotes or closely paraphrased material.

Any quesitons please message me. 


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