Technology Management Plan: Largo Corporation

Technology Management Plan: Largo Corporation

This technical analysis has identified the flaws within Largo Corporation which have resulted to the decline in revenue. The gaps identified include the non-strategic down times, poor customer responses, too much reliance on hardware supplies and too high volume centers. As the new Chief Information Officer, I will focus on strategic changes such as addressing technical gap among the staffs technical operations and human resource management

Best practices related to technological management

The US government accountability Office (GAO) developed significant aspects which provide a sound foundation for Information technology manage. Largo Corporation can therefore use the set of plans to manage their technical issues in an effective way. The first thing is to introduce an organizational process which will be used to account for all the functions and expensed related to IT. The next step is to integrate the operation plans and information security management process. According to developing strategic information resource plan I has been used by many corporations to achieve effective technology management, therefore the company can develop a broad strategic information resource master plan to help it document IT strategic planning process and integrate its management process with decisions making in regard to financial management, planning and making program decisions including human resource management. Lastly Largo Corporation should consider benchmarking IT management processes by visiting other well preforming corporations (GAO, 1997)

Key management bests practices

According to Lipman (2014) Key management best practices are important for an organization to achieve its goals. Some of the key management practices that can be adopted by Largo Corporation include: monitoring the development of manager and ensure they use their skills effectively. It is also important to establish a sound strategy to meet the company’s goals. For example the company’s goal t of providing quality and increasing sales can use team building skills to make sure there are shared efforts towards achieving its goals. According to the nature of the organization in terms of management, it is essential to apply the five building approach i.e. problem solving, leadership, communication, negotiation and influence if they want to improve its performance and solve the internal problems.

People management skills for effective operations

IT is important for the company’s management to understand the significance of managing employees from diverse backgrounds (Lipman, 2014). The company should apply constructive resolution when dealing with conflicts. The next step is to understand workers behaviors, set reasonable goals and ensure all employees are treated equally and see the value that problematic staffs bring to the company.

Ethical requirements

Ethics are the standards used to evaluate conduct where staffs are required to do the right thing in accordance to the regulations. The company can achieve ethical standards by defining its rules and regulation that address human actions. For examples the case study shows that one staff disclosed confidential information while the former CIO was suspected to have shared company’s information with his personal client. This which shows the need to address ethical issues among the employees and company’s top management. The above actions have a negative effect on the company’s reputation therefore the corporation should differentiate moral and legal facts in order to establish an effective moral code. Employees should be guided on the effective ways of interacting and communicating with each other to ensure professional relationship(, 2014).

Improvement plan: Call center operations

The company’s call center operation plans will need various technologies to for the effective use of its information and restructure its call center activities. Currently the corporation’s call center has integrate telephones, computer and software’s which are used for its operations. However as the new Chief Information officer may focus will be on technological changes that may boost call operations and to restructure the company’s strategic management so as to improve the productivity of IT operations.

Using CTI can amalgamate related/linking technologies and combine software and hardware. Additionally the data and voice trough standard based systems can also improves the interactions with consumers by providing an effective communication atmosphere and avoid delays or provision of correct information regarding the availability of stock. Another important move is to encourage the CFO to increase hardware and software investments to help equip the call center with effective tool that will be able to effectively retrieve client’s information from the database, manage queues. Provide product information and ensure the company’s data is secure. The above changes together with and effective working environment will make sure that information can be easily accessed and retrieved on time the sharing process will also be enhanced.

Human resource management team will also require to work together with the call center department to ensure customer demands are met i.e. effective sales services, and the appropriate management of their data to ensure privacy and confidentiality. Additionally the change should be done on website handing and call management. To address the issue of call service representative, I will involve crucial information together with the section of frequently asked questions to reduce the load of callers. Emails will also be used as an alternative to communication lines thus automated response for general questions will also be used to ease the burden of making and receiving calls.

The representative hired to work at the call centers will need to have skills in in responding to complicated questions. They should comprehensively respond to the questions so as to avoid repeated calls. Largo’s Call center will further need to use the option of integrating call centers so as to reduce the clients waiting time and also offers alternative ways to access information which will improve customer access and call routing process. Enhancing consumer’s relation is another strategy that can be achieved through performance monitoring in regard to call response time and the number of calls made. Using ITIL’s IT services can help practitioners to showcase their ability to address particular needs. Therefore Rustic America will enhance its business activities if it allows employees to use Their IT skills to fulfill their relevant tasks.

Conclusion/ Recommendations

The following recommendations can be used to restore the corporation. The call center manager i.e. Prisha Khan should make sure issues in her department are effectively addressed to meet customer’s demand. This can be achieved through training of the agents so as to boost customer and workers relations. I is also important to maintain an effective communication with customers and the call center representatives should be capable of withstanding call influx during peak hours. When it comes to technical change the company should remove SQL severs and replace it with Oracle database due to its effectiveness. To ensure conducive working environment Largo Corporation should boost its ethical principles i.e. by performing its activities according to the state regulations and improve integrity and human welfare competence.

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