Task: Imagine you are graduate employee at “BOI” research and you have been allocated to a team… 1 answer below »

Task: Imagine you are graduate employee at “BOI” research and you have been allocated to a team asked to provide some current research on a client market of your choice. (This can be any major economy in the world for which you can access information for key economy variables) .The audience for the research and the executive summary is the manager of the regional “country” division you have chosen to study, and will be passed on to the client (large company operating in your country of choice) once reviewed by your manager.

The task is to apply the economic models covered in class to help the client understand the current economy in the country of choice and the likely implications of changing trade patterns, policy developments and political sentiment towards globalisation. Your team are expected to conceptually modelling likely changes in key economic variables for that market and the implications of those changes on broader macroeconomic conditions. Your groups contribution is to present an application of the course theory for a chosen economy. Your assessment of the international macroeconomic conditions of your market will support the client by ;-


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