Taiwan Cultural Research Paper

Country Cultural Research Paper and the country is (Taiwan)

The main objective of this paper is to demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of your chosen country.You should use theories and concepts learned from class and the text in developing the scope of your analysis.You will also need to introduce the practical side of venturing to a foreign country so that we can be culturally sensitive and know what is expected of us when we are traveling, taking part in an overseas business meeting, going to a foreigner’s home, or going out to a restaurant.Examples could be how do people dress, what is the currency, language, types of music listened to, what do they eat and drink, what should we know about the people and their values, the interesting history, economy, and the country’s institutions and ideologies?More specifically, you should analyze the country’s:

  • Trade and investment patterns,
  • Major trading partners,
  • Major export goods,
  • Major industries and companies within these industries,
  • The economic environment,
  • The cultural environment,
  • The political environment,
  • Economic and trade arrangements with other countries or regional blocks.

You should also provide:

  • An overall summary of the country (economically, politically, and culturally).
  • Your overall impression of the attractiveness of the country for investment of trade for U.S. companies.
  • An analysis of which U.S. industries might benefit most from trade with and or investment in the country.
  • What specific adjustments U.S. companies might have to make in order to operate effectively in this country’s environment.

Your 11-page paper should be approximately 6 full pages of text including details from the required content listed above (double-spaced, 1” margins, and 12 font), plus another 3 pages of supportive exhibits of your text (charts, tables, graphs, diagrams, pictures, etc.).Additionally, add the following 2 pages: First page is your title page including MGT, country name, your name, and date of paper submission. Last page is your References page (APA or MLA style is acceptable) citing all your sources (in-text references throughout your paper are not required).

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