SYG2000 Palm Beach Atlantic Modernization Theory & Dependency Theory HW

Question Description

Writing assignment 3

Compare and contrast modernization theory and dependency theory. Which one do you think is more useful for understanding current global inequality? Provide support/evidence for your opinion.

You must have an introduction and a conclusion.

Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced.

Your name, instructor’s name (Ms. Bushey), due date, and SYG 2000 REF 260543 MUST be on the top left-hand corner.

MLA formatting …. Two (2) or more RELIABLE sources are REQUIRED and Wikipedia is NOT allowed.

Minimum of two (2) pages with page three (3) the works cited.

Grading Rubric

Theory Comparison 20 points

Theory Contrast 20 points

Opinion with support 40 points

Formatting 10 points

Spelling/Grammar 10 points

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