Ed has decided that he would like to change the structure of his business. He has had a few people inquire about the possibility of investing in Big Ed’s Motorcycle Shop.

Research a minimum of three business forms that Ed could reasonably change his company to. Make the assumption that there will be investors in Big Ed’s Motorcycle Shop in the future. Prepare a memo to Ed including the following:

  • Benefits and drawbacks of all three forms proposed.
  • Your recommendation and rationale for one business form for Ed to choose.
  • Remember to include details of what the next steps will be for Ed and you as the office manager to take in making this change.

As you work through this assignment consider the transferrable skills you are using, including communication, critical thinking, digital fluency, and information literacy. Think about how you have in the past or will in the future use these transferrable skills in your professional communications in practice as you complete this assignment.

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