strict literature review on the effects of dams on fish and their ecosystems

This is a literature review that will use 20 sources from the web of science on the effects of dams on fish lives and ecosystems. I have attached the directions be sure to write this like a literature review with strong synthesis throughout. I will provide the login information for web of science and some sources. The rest of the sources will need to be found from the web of science.

I have attached some of the outlines and work I have done to help guide your direction for the literature review. Be sure not to write this as a research paper and to properly synthesize all findings to conclude from the sources what has been found in todays research on this topic. I have plenty of helpful tools once question is assigned.

Partial draft requirements


•Abstract is not required



•Headings and subheadings

per Document 101

•Placeholders for visuals

•Add the word count underneath your name in the header; update with each draft

•1,000-2,000 words, depending on your conference date, due in the morning one day before your conference, per the sign-up sheet. For the partial draft, word count does not include keywords, title, introduction, or bibliography.

•Numbered list of at least 20 primary sources from the peer-reviewed literature, formatted in CSE name-year. Highlight in yellow any you don’t use in the partial draft.

•Based on the guidance in the Lit Review FAQ and other readings, try to achieve synthesis in your draft; highlight in green your best example of synthesis.

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