Strategic risk management of HP’s competitor.

strategic risk management of HP’s competitor. Select a company that is a direct competitor of the company that you analyzed during the first assignment(document attached). Analyze that company’s risk exposure in any two of the following categories: supply chain risk, country risk, external relations risk, and governance risk. Example: If your Assignment 1 company was Citibank, you might choose JPMorgan Chase as your Assignment 2 company. You might further decide to analyze the external relations risk and the governance risk that JPMorgan Chase is exposed to. Your assignment needs to contain the following items: An assessment of the company’s risk exposure in the two categories that you have chosen. Suggestions for risk mitigation for each risk identified under (1). An Executive Summary where you summarize your findings from (1) and (2), usually put at the beginning of the paper. This assignment is worth 20% of your grade. Your work will be evaluated based on following criteria: Ability to identify key aspects of points (1) and (2) above. Supporting Analysis: you are able to support your analytical observations and strategic recommendations. We encourage you to include external sources in your paper but, at the same time, to use clear citation. Writing: you are able to communicate your analysis in a clear and concise manner.

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