Table of Contents

1. Introduction and Objectives 4

1.1 Overview of the organization 4

1.2 Current situation and problem/opportunity 4

2. Project Charter 6

2.1 Project information 6

2.2 Project objective 6

2.3 Project Approach 6

2.4 Roles and responsibilities 7

2.5 Project Constraints 8

2.6 Project assumption 9

2.7 Preliminary Schedule and Budget Estimates 9

2.8 Plan Modification Rules 9

2.9 Approval Signatures 10

3. Project Scope Management plan 10

3.1 Product description 10

3.2 Project Deliverables 10

3.3 Scope Statement 11

3.4 Work Breakdown Structure Development 11

3.5 Scope Change Management Process 13

3.6 Plan Modification Rules 13

4. Schedule management plan 14

5. Cost management plan 15

5.1 Project Budget 15

5.2 Budget Constraints 16

6. Quality management plan 16

6.1 Quality Standards 16

6.2 Quality Metrics 17

6.3 Quality Management Approach 17

6.4 Quality Assurance 18

6.5 Quality Control 18

7. Risk management plan 18

7.1 Risk Management Strategies 18

7.2 Risk Management Tools 19

7.3 Data Sources 19

7.4 Risk Categories 20

7.5 Risk Probability and Impact 20

8. HR management plan 21

8.1 Project Organization 21

8.1.1 Project Team 21

8.1.2 Key Stakeholders 22

8.2 Resource Requirements 23

8.3 Resource Assignment 23

9. Communication Plan 24

9.1 Stakeholders Analysis 24

9.2 Project Report 25

9.3 Project Meetings 26

9.4 Project Information Accessibility 27

9.5 Communications Summary 27

Reference 28

1. Introduction and Objectives

1.1 Overview of the organization

  • Overview: In this report, current situations and new opportunities are offered in case a hospital management database system is created for Epworth Richmond Healthcare which provides healthcare services covering all care of health services like doctor’s clinic, laboratory, and hospital facilities for patients, nursing, and a medical consultancy. Epworth healthcare was founded in March 1920 in Australia[ CITATION Epw20 l 1033 ].
  • Epworth Richmond’s goals: The hospital is motivated to provide the best possible care to the patients who visit the hospital. The primary goal of this health care institution is to ensure that the patients are getting sufficient medial help from the staff and to ensure higher profitability and growth[ CITATION Epw20 l 1033 ]. Epworth healthcare is looking for some new management system to provide the best services and maintain suitable guidance for the patients. Hospitality management systems would be helpful for their goal.

1.2 Current situation and problem/opportunity

Current Situations: At present Epworth Richmond Healthcare Services is maintaining the patient’s history in an unorganized way by hand in hand experiences. This is very difficult to handle the huge amount of patient’s history for such a developing country like Australia. Though this hospital has been providing the best healthcare services for 100 years, this hospital is facing some issues related to the patients who are taking guidance from this hospital[ CITATION Epw20 l 1033 ]. They are willing to create a database system for those people for future references if needed with a suitable patient id. In case a database system has been made for all departments provided by this hospital there will be no difficulties to view the patient history and all the patients came to a single database. In this current situation, time and man work are needed in a wide range. In case there is a need to find the old history of the same patient they are facing lots of difficulties to find this[ CITATION Nat19 l 1033 ].

Environmental condition:

PoliticalSafe and stable political surroundings
Economic13th largest economy in the whole world
SocialDiversified culture
TechnologicalOne of the best technologically advanced countries
EnvironmentalAdverse environmental challenge
LegalFair work act 2009

Table 1: PESTLE analysis of Australia

(Source: Created by author)

From the above analysis, it can be stated that the environmental conditions of the health care institutions in Australia is positive in some cases and negative in others[ CITATION Per17 l 1033 ]. For example, due to technological advancement, the different health care sectors of this country have been able to develop new ways to serve patients better. Due to which, this firm faces higher competition and needs to provide better services to patients so that it can meet its objectives. The company wants to be able to provide as much better services as possible to patients and this can only be done with the help of this new database system. Here, data related to patients, medical staff, doctors and medicines will be stored which will be easier to manage and errors or time consumption will be reduced.

2. Project Charter

2.1 Project information

Project Start date: 6th April 2019

Project End Date: 12th June 2019

Project Manager: Frank White

Project Sponsor: TBA

2.2 Project objective

  • To create a management system that included the details of patients’ medical staff, medicines, and doctors
  • To provide effectiveness and efficiencies in the workplace for providing better services to patients with lower time and errors[ CITATION Dem17 l 1033 ].
  • To complete this project within 3 months of time to have a quicker implementation of the benefits in the organization

2.3 Project Approach

  • In order to deliver the project outcome within the time period, there will an effective project plan created
  • According to the needs of the plan, various team members for the project will be selected
  • Creating various recommendation for the possible database management system and ways of implementing in the system of this hospital
  • Effective handling ways of creating for the management system[ CITATION LiX17 l 1033 ]

2.4 Roles and responsibilities

NameRolePositionContact Information
Frank WhiteProject managerProject
XXXX XXXXProject planarProject planner and project
YYY YYYProject SponsorProject sponsoring and Scope
SSSS SSSSSoftware development managerManagement system planning and monitoring of management system
RRRRR RRREmployeeFollowing the orders for completion of task within the time

2.5 Project Constraints

  • Complex process for delivering and development process of the management system. It requires a great number of technical skills for which employees from outside of the organization need to be invited which can add more cost to the project.
  • Lack of effective communication within the team to understand the roles and responsibilities in a more effective and efficient way[ CITATION Alm17 l 1033 ]. Without effective communication workplace, effectiveness and efficiencies can be disrupted which can cause a time delay and more resources expenses for the organization
  • Motivation among the employees is very essential for gaining effective project deliverables within the time period, for this reward system needs to be established and can add more costs in this project.

2.6 Project assumption

In the time of project planning, it was assumed that management system developers are easily available as technological advancements are a popular phenomenon in the market[ CITATION Hen16 l 1033 ]. Moreover, it was also assumed that 3 months of time and estimated $5000 budget for implementing this project will be more than effective and enough.

2.7 Preliminary Schedule and Budget Estimates

According to the secondary research done on the internet and reports, it was estimated that $5000 will be enough for implementing the management system in this organization. In order to complete this project, it was estimated that a maximum of 3 months also will be effective for delivering this project.

2.8 Plan Modification Rules

As there were a lot of things estimated during the planning process of this project there is a lot of modification that will be needed at the time of implementation. For modification various rules are provided below:

  • Project manager only can approve any changes in the project charter[ CITATION Bha18 l 1033 ]
  • At the time of changing the plan, all the team member of the project team needs to be instructed for the upcoming changes
  • At the time of modification of any plan discussion with all the team members is essential to understand their viewpoint and suggestions.
  • Modification in any plan only can be implemented after understanding the scopes and its importance for the project deliverables.

2.9 Approval Signatures

Frank WhiteProject managerFrank White13th May 2020
XXXX XXXXProject planarXXXX XXXX13th May 2020
YYY YYYProject SponsorYYY YYY13th May 2020
SSSS SSSSSoftware development managerSSSS SSSS14th May 2020
RRRRR RRREmployeeRRRR RRR13th May 2020

3. Project Scope Management plan

3.1 Product description

In order to have more effective services for the patients of Epworth Richmond Healthcare, a management system is proposed which will improve the time management and service deliverables of the organization. It will also ensure lower numbers of errors in the system as well[ CITATION Ker17 l 1033 ].

3.2 Project Deliverables

  • Creating an effective and efficient team
  • Providing an effective plan for the management system
  • Development of the management system
  • Implementation of the system in the organization

3.3 Scope Statement

  • Providing the project within the estimates timeline and resources which are 3 months and $5000 respectively
  • Developing the management system which is really effective and provides better services for the customers and stakeholders
  • Moreover proposed management system will provide a greater understanding of the services of the organization which comes within the scope
  • However, it only suggests the creation of a management system but the implementation of the management system within a website is out of scope for this project.

3.4 Work Breakdown Structure Development

In order to develop an effective work breakdown structure for this project, a top-down approach will be selected. That is because at the time of planning for the project reverse engineering will be used for creating the subsystem into the project. Moreover, this system will be developed by the project planar of this project[ CITATION Men17 l 1033 ]. In order to create the work breakdown system project plan will propose all the needed tasks which need to be completed for the completion of the project as well as he also needs to provide a specific deadline for those tasks as well. Moreover, work breakdown structure also needs to have an effective guideline for the urgent and important tasks which needs to be done with extra care.

Figure 1: WBS diagram form


3.5 Scope Change Management Process

In the change management team, there will be a project manager, project planner, and project sponsor involved. In order to change an identified scope in a project, the planner needs to provide effective planning for implementing that change in the existing plan and introduce that to the project manager. If the project manager approves that plan, it will be presented to the project sponsor for getting the needed resources for the change management process. If Project sponsor apps that resource them the plan will be implemented according to the suggestion of the project planner.

To communicate the whole process, stakeholder meetings, as well as individual meetings with other stakeholders, will be the best approach. However, if there is certain urgency there its communication with the help of the e-mail system also can be a very efficient way[ CITATION Rad17 l 1033 ]. All the documents need to be beloved in a specific folder cleared for the project in the system of Project manager with time and reports of detailing which needs to be created by the project manager.

3.6 Plan Modification Rules

  • Changes in the project scope only can be approved by the project manager
  • Changes need to be implemented, needs to have a solid base and a perfect implementation process in the existing project plan.
  • Changes or modification which is suggested only can be communicated through an official business meeting or e-mail system (At the time of urgency)

4. Schedule management plan

MilestoneCompletion Date
Approve of introduction and objective of project8th April 2019
Project charter approve12th April 2019
Project Scope Management plan approve26th April 2019
Schedule management plan approve4th May 2019
Cost management plan approve16th May 2019
Quality management plan approve28th May 2019
Risk management plan approve2nd June 2019
HR management plan approve6th June 2019
Communication plan approve8th June 2019

5. Cost management plan

5.1 Project Budget

The total cost of the budget is calculated at $5000 that includes cost incurred for all processes and components along with the human resources component in the project activities. It is also ideal to state that all the costs are calculated and assessed at going market rates for better analysis of the project.

System architecture$500
Database components$500
Backend developer$800
Front end designer$1000
Database server$700
Planning cost$300
Execution cost$1200

5.2 Budget Constraints

The calculations made in relation to the budget of the project are based on a budget estimation model where previous knowledge and market assumptions are considered for the project budget assessment. Hence, it leaves a scope for constraint in terms of budget under allocation or over allocation[ CITATION Ker17 l 1033 ]. Hence, it is assessed that around 10% of upper and lower ceiling is provided for the project as and when the activities are executed.

6. Quality management plan

6.1 Quality Standards

Project AreaQuality standards
Project planning and task makingThe project manager will assess each task and layout defined areas for analyzing its quality in the project
Project execution and monitoringThe project supervisor will evaluate the scope of each task and create task report to oversee the project supervision task
Project risk assessment and mitigationThe risk manager would identify possible areas of risk and ideate with project manager to solve them
Project demonstration and improvementThe technical officer will meet with developer and designer to improve the functions and interface of the database

6.2 Quality Metrics

Project deliverableQuality metrics
Data storage and retrieval efficiencyUpon logging out of system, users are asked for a line in feedback for improving the system
Data security and user privacy maintenance3rd party data security assessment is installed that generates efficiency score in terms of data security
Ease of access and simple interfaceUsers are asked for star rating as pop-up notification that will help developers to improve the interface

6.3 Quality Management Approach

Total Quality Management is used in the project that will help in the better assessment of activities and tasks in the project. It is integrated with the project planning structure that will allow the TQM mechanism to take stock of the quality situation starting from budget and timeline to project demonstration and documentation[ CITATION Bha18 l 1033 ]. Weekly quality reports are generated that will allow the team to assess the areas where the project has faltered in the past week. This would help the team to work on the issues and develop for a better final performance of the database system.

6.4 Quality Assurance

The project activities are assessed on a daily basis so that the assurance framework can be used for identifying the issues that are related to the activities[ CITATION Per17 l 1033 ]. In this case, the total quality management cycle is developed and checked for continuous efficiency. In this regard, there is a high chance that irregularities related to database coding and functional integration can be found and corrected. It is done on a daily basis to ensure the better quality functions in critical tasks like developing and designing of the database.

6.5 Quality Control

The quality control functions of this project are integrated at the levels of the database functions and scope management. This is why stakeholders are included in this scenario so that doctors and medical professionals can provide advice the way they would like to use the tool. This is also integrated at the areas where data is collected and processed by quality analysts to assess what stakeholders need in terms of quality and what is being delivered in the database.

7. Risk management plan

7.1 Risk Management Strategies

Risk stageProcess
Project risk identificationBrainstorming session at the beginning of each phase to identify risks in the activities and project tasks.
Identifying mitigation strategiesDiscussion with the project manager to develop strategies to mitigate the risks identified.
Aligning strategies with risksMembers are asked to integrate the solutions and strategies to ensure the activities are carried out easily.

7.2 Risk Management Tools

Risk toolsDescription
Risk assessment reportsThis report highlights the areas that are prone to risks and also provides details of the risks with its gravity and specifications.
Mitigation Strategy reportThis report is the minutes of meetings that are conducted to mitigate the strategies and helps to provide frameworks to mitigate risks.
Alignment handbook by project managerThis report is the handbook by the project manager that aligns the risks with strategies helping members with a risk free directive.

7.3 Data Sources

Data sourcesDescription
Database learning materialsThe materials provided a detailed overview in the case of database management and development. It also highlights the areas where the database is useful and user friendly for better functional querying.
Project management materialsThese materials are the most useful as it helped to provide an analysis of the various steps involved in the project management. It helped to collect data and ensure better project management activities.

7.4 Risk Categories

BudgetUnder allocation of project budget
PlanningLack of proper time and resources
DeliverablesIncomplete deliverables assessment
PlanningObjective and flow is not defined
ExecutionDatabase coding and structuring is wrong
ExecutionError in design interface in demonstration
QualityIrregular application of quality analysis
CommunicationFailure to communicate to stakeholders
CommunicationCustomers and target market not engaged
ScopeInclusion of out of scope relevance

7.5 Risk Probability and Impact

ItemsProbability (P)Impact (I)Risk score (P X I)
Under allocation of project budget0.897.2
Lack of proper time and resources0.573.5
Incomplete deliverables assessment0.392.7
Objective and flow is not defined0.1101.0
Database coding and structuring is wrong0.382.4
Error in design interface in demonstration0.483.2
Irregular application of quality analysis0.663.6
Failure to communicate to stakeholders0.281.6
Customers and target market not engaged0.431.2
Inclusion of out of scope relevance0.663.6

The risks are mitigated using risk mitigation strategies at the beginning of every project phase where processes are discussed and possible risks are identified. This is also a major analysis that these risks are to be carried out using risk strategies and alignment planning as mediated by the project manager in the project process.

8. HR management plan

8.1 Project Organization

8.1.1 Project Team

NameRolePh NumberEmail
Frank WhiteProject
Dana StrongStakeholder
Jim CarreyIT
Dave CoxDatabase
Jayne KeysFront end
Tim RockFinance
Tina FeyQuality

8.1.2 Key Stakeholders

RoleProject sponsorCustomersIT Regulators
OrganizationTBAHospital IndustryAustralian Privacy Principles
Phone Number(s)985-894-8795Multiple564-879-8454
Unique FactsPrefers to be updated with project details in a weekly basisPrefers databases that are designed as per their needs in usePrefers declaration of data privacy in all the project phases
Suggestions for communicationsKeep informed with the phase results onlyKeep informed about product specificationsKeep informed about accessing data

8.2 Resource Requirements

The project would need multiple resources to work in operational capacity under the control of developer, designer and quality analysis of the project. Dave Cox will have access to 2 developers who will work with him to develop the database. Jayne Keys will also get two resources who will work under her in the interface designs of the database management system. Tina Fey will get 1 assistant to take care of the quality analysis job and assist her in the total process of quality. Apart from them, 2 other workers will also work under independent capacity with control of the Project Manager as on the fly resource to be used for urgent requirements in the project.

8.3 Resource Assignment

Task IDTaskResources
1Project planningProject manager
2Team allocationProject manager, Stakeholder manager
3Task allocationIT Supervisor, Project Manager
4Project scopeProject manager, Stakeholder manager
5Task executionDeveloper, Designer
6Risk assessmentIT Supervisor, Quality Analyst
7Quality analysisQuality Analyst, IT Supervisor
8Final deploymentProject Manager, Financial advisor

9. Communication Plan

9.1 Stakeholders Analysis

PurposeStakeholders Name
Role on ProjectProject SponsorIT RegulatorsCustomer
OrganizationTBAAustralian privacy Principles (Privacy Act 1988)Hospital industry
Contact Information45876
Unique FactsPrefers use of cellphone to enquire the project detailsPrefers use of email to get the project activitiesPrefers use email and cell phones to stay updated
Level of InterestHighHighHigh
Level of InfluenceHighHighMedium
Suggestions for managing relationshipKeep informed of all project detailsKeep informed of all project activitiesKeep updated regarding the new technologies invented

In this above table we can get the details of the stakeholders for the company who are managing the project where the project sponsor plays the main role by investing in the project and customers can get the project as per their requirements. And the IT regulators manage the project internally to give the best productivity.

9.2 Project Report

TopicData neededFrequency of CollectionResponsible party for Data Collection & AnalysisReport Media & FormatResponsible Party for Distributing report
Project BudgetOverview of tentative finance required in all sectionsOnceProject InvestorStatus FormProject Manager
Project QualityDetailed information regarding the projectWeeklyQuality AnalystProject reportQuality Analyst
ActivityAnalysis of the project dailyDailyTeam LeaderProject reportQuality Manager

9.3 Project Meetings

MeetingsPurposeFrequencyAttendanceReporting Requirements
Project PlanningTo showcasing the project needs in regards to the market situationsOnceAll stakeholdersMeeting minutes
ScrumTo understand the project activityWeeklyProject Managers and quality AnalystsMeeting minutes and project report
Final DemonstrationTo demonstrate the project’s effectiveness and functionalityOnceAll stakeholdersMeeting minutes

From this above table, we can get the purpose and aspect of all kind of meetings relating to the project needs.

9.4 Project Information Accessibility

Our company has created a database server to maintain proper access to retrieve the data by the sponsors, project managers, and quality analysts. They can store the daily reports, templates, project documents, requirements, quality reports on this server. In case one party wants to see the project activity and the project report, this party can easily retrieve the data as per the requirements.

9.5 Communications Summary

StakeholderTypeCommunication MediumFrequencyResponsible Party
Project SponsorStatus formemailEvery MondayProject Manager
IT regulatorProject reportEmail and phone callsEverydayQuality Analyst
CustomerProject ReportEmailOnceProject Manager

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