Strategic Management and Stakeholders

Prior to beginning work on this journal, review Chapter 3 in the textbook.

Many organizations within the field of criminal justice have begun utilizing techniques of strategic management in an effort to better address the needs of their stakeholders. The importance of strategic management and the careful and proper identification of stakeholder groups are never more salient than in law enforcement and correctional organizations. However, the tenets of strategic management are in use in nearly every facet of public and private enterprise.

After reviewing Chapter 3 in the textbook, think about your own current or previous place(s) of employment and examine the function of strategic management within the organization. In your journal, identify the organization and its stakeholders. Explain how the strategic management plan takes the needs and demands of those individuals and groups into consideration when preparing budgets. In addition, explain two ways that the identification of stakeholders has increased the effectiveness of the organization or improved public relations.

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