Strategic Leadership Case Analysis

Assignment Overview

You will act as a consulting group working on the Strategic Challenge outlined below. You should operate from the perspective of consultants when approaching this assignment.

Strategic Challenge

While technology has drastically changed how people interact with each other, with companies, and with industries, the way in which people donate to causes remains unchanged. For Millennials who are on the go and can’t always write big checks, the current landscape doesn’t motivate giving. A mobile app company is reimagining the way people give to causes they care about by empowering younger generations with an easy way to give every day – small increments, choice, and digestible information. The company curates three charities a day, and users get to choose where their dollar goes. Over time, a user’s feed of charities will be catered exactly to their interests, behaviors, and location. The company is excited to revolutionize giving, making it a part of people’s every day. Students can help research go to market (GTM) strategies for the charities / non-profits that the company brings onto the platform. How will the mobile app company entice charities and nonprofits to join the platform.

Some questions this project should aim to answer include:

• What are innovative ways to reach non-profits without incurring high customer acquisition costs?

• What are the best GTM strategies, channels, and messages believed will help incentivize non-profits to come on board? The more concrete and specific, the better!

• Are there newsletters they read?

• Are there influencers the company should approach that would love what they’re doing?

• Are there organizations that work with many other organizations?

The goal here will be to consider the above Strategic Challenge and associated questions, along with any questions the team determines important. The recommendation(s) provided to the mobile app company should focus on helping them successfully launch an app for charitable giving, which they have already developed, with a reasonable means to attract charities and non-profits as potential donation candidates served to app users.

Assignment Requirements

Case Analysis – provide a PESTEL analysis for the mobile app company.

The case analysis should be specific and provide a consistent perspective on the issues of the case. Naturally, there is more than one way to interpret a situation, and more than one reasonable course of action. While it is usually not possible for the case analysis to entertain every possibility, the case analysis should provide the following:

a. Analysis of the situation and options described in the case (without reference to additional information!!).

2 to 3 pages.

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