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Unit Code, NumberandTitleR/508/0570 RQF level 5 – Unit 31: Statistics for Management
Semester and AcademicYearSemester 2, Academic year 2019 – 2020
UnitAssessor(s)Nguyen Manh The/ Nguyen Thi Lien
AssignmentNumberandTitleSFM A1.1: Individual written assignment (Assessment 1 of 2)
IssueDateWednesday, May 6th, 2020
SubmissionDate10:00 am on Wednesday, June 17th, 2020
IVNameHo Hoang Lan
IV DateMay 4th, 2020
Student name
NEU Student IDPearson ID
Plagiarism is a particular form of cheating. Plagiarism must be avoided at all costs and students who break the rules, however innocently, may be penalised. It is your responsibility to ensure that you understand correct referencing practices. As a university level student, you are expected to use appropriate references throughout and keep carefully detailed notes of all your sources of materialsfor material you have used in your work, including any material downloaded from the Internet. Please consult the relevant unit lecturer or your course tutor if you need any further advice.
Student declarationI certify that the assignment submission is entirely my own work and I fully understand the consequences of plagiarism. I understand that making a false declaration is a form of malpractice.
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Submission format and Instructions:

This assignment (Assessment 1 of 2) covers Learning Outcome 1, 2 & 4 (LO1, LO2, LO4).
This is an individual assignment. The submission format is in the form of a written report. The assignment should have a cover page that includes the assignment code, number, tittle, assessors’ names and student’s name and ID. Attach all the pages of assignment brief with your report and leave them blank for official use. Ensure that authenticity declaration has been signed. Include a content sheet with a list of all headings and page numbers. Plagiarism is unacceptable. Students must cite all sources and input the information by paraphrasing, summarising or using direct quotes. A Referral Grade is given when Plagiarism is identified in your work. There are no exceptions. Your evidence/findings must be cited using Harvard Referencing Style. Please refer to Reference guiding posted on Moodle. This assignment should be written in a concise, formal business style using Arial 11 or Times New Roman 12 font size and 1.5 spacing. The word limit is 3,000 words (+/- 10%). If you exceed the word limit (excluding references and administrative sections) your grade will be penalised. You MUST complete and submit a hardcopy and softcopy of your work on the due dates stated on Assignment brief. All late work is not allowed to submit. This rule is not waived under any circumstances. Thesoftcopymust be submitted to Turn-it-in via Moodle; the hardcopyto Assignment Box, Room 404A, D2 building. Read ALL Instructions on this Page and review the Pass, Merit and Distinction criteria carefully. To pass the assignment, you must achieve ALL the Pass Criteria outlined in the marking sheet. To achieve a Merit, you must achieve ALL the Merit criteria (and therefore the Pass criteria). To achieve a Distinction, you must achieve ALL the Distinction criteria (and therefore the Pass and Merit criteria).
LO1 Evaluate business and economic data/ information obtained from published sources LO2 Analyse and evaluate raw business data using a number of statistical methods LO4 Communicate findings using appropriate charts/ tables
Assignment: Individual essay

Data description and allocation: You are given a data set in the excel file named “student survey”. This data was collected from a student’s web survey. The objective of the survey is to find some general information of students studying in a variety of Universities. The number of responses is 193 with the data was already cleaned. The sheet “Questions” contains the questions that have been asked in the survey and the variables in the data set correspond to those questions.
I attached the list of you in the separate excel file named “data allocation”. Each of you will take 95 observations from the whole data set by the following scheme: The first student from the list takes the first 95 observations from number 1 to 95; the second student take observations from number 2 to 96 and so on. You can see your observation allocation numbers (first and last observation) in the file as well.
Part A ( lí thuyết ) : Evaluate business and economic data obtained from published sources. Write a review (2 pages long at the maximum) of the following issues in statistics: Data sources in Business and Economics Data collection method in Business and Economics Methods of data analysis: Descriptive statistics and inferential statistics
Part B: Communicate findings using appropriate charts / tables. Read to understand the meaning of each question. Make the connection between questions and variables in the data set and do the followings: Using summary statistics, tables and charts to explore each variables and make comment, (hints: Frequency tables and pie/bar chart for qualitative variables, summary statistics for quantitative variables). Using appropriate chart, table and correlation calculation to explore the relationship between Q1 and Q10, Q8 and Q9; Q2 and Q3, make comment, (hints: use cross table and cluster bar chart for two qualitative variables, scatter plot and correlation for two quantitative variables, comment on the independence and tendency of relationship) Summarise Q2 and Q3 classified by Q1 and Q8, make comment on the results (compare Q2 and Q3 between male and female, amongst behaviour of reading Q8)
Part C: Analyse and evaluate business data using a number of statistical methods. Using t-test to compare GPA (Q2) of male and female; Estimate the regression model to consider the dependence of Q2 on Q3, Q5 and Q7 and do the followings: + Explain the meaning of each coefficient; + Test for the significance of each independent variables Q3, Q5 and Q7; + What is R2 and explain the meaning of this value.
Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria
Learning OutcomePassAchieved (ticked)MeritAchieved (ticked)DistinctionAchieved (ticked)
LO1 Evaluate business and economic data/ information obtained from published sourcesP1 Evaluate the nature and process of business and economic data/ information from a range of different published sourcesM1 Critically evaluate the methods of analysis used to present business and economic data/ information from a range of different published sourcesLO 1 & 2 D1 Critically evaluate the differences in application between methods of descriptive, exploratory and confirmatory analysis of business and economic data
P2 Evaluate data from a variety of sources using different methods of analysis
LO2 Analyse and evaluate raw business data using a number of statistical methodsP3 Analyse and evaluate quantitative raw business data from a range of examples using appropriate statistical methodsM2 Evaluate the differences in application between descriptive statistics, inferential statistics and measuring association
LO4 Communicate findings using appropriate charts/ tablesP5 Using appropriate charts/ tables communicate findings for a number of given variablesM4 Justify the rationale for choosing the method of communicationD3 Critically evaluatethe use of different types of charts and tables for communicating given variables
Formative Feedback: Assessor to Student
Action Plan
Summative Feedback: Assessor to Student
Choose One (*)The group of Students Is Awarded:
Referral PASS Grade MERIT Grade DISTINCTION Grade
Name of Assessor:Date of Assessment:
Re-submission Feedback:
Choose One (*)The Student Is Awarded a:
Referral PASS Grade
Name of Assessor:Date of Assessment:
Feedback: Student to Assessor

Signature & Date:

* Please note that grades are provisional. They are only confirmed once internal and external verifiers
have taken place, and the final decisions have been agreed by the assessment board.

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Internal Verification of Assignment Brief

* This grade only reflects the result of this assignment, not for the whole Unit.

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