Statistical Quality Control: Part I

DUE: 03.06.15 @ 11:59PM


THIS IS WHAT I NEED YOU TO DO: Review Post 1 below. Further the conversation by suggesting a quality control chart that might be helpful in analyzing the quality. Would it be a control chart for variables or for attributes?  Would it be an r-chart, an x-chart, a p-chart or a c-chart? Explain your reasoning.


I recently went to Raising Cain’s chicken and they completely messed up my order.  Normally they are fantastic and always get it right.  But the other day they were not even close, my drink was not right, my sides were not right, nothing was right.  I chalked it up to them being very busy but having quality control and double checking the order before giving the order to the customer would be a large step and statistically reduce mistakes.  Another time, I ordered a special salt from Amazon as I could not locate it in any grocery store around me.  It was sent USPS and they said they delivered it.  I never received the package and called the post office.  They said they would ask the delivery person, who said they delivered the package and that it was not there problem.  It was horrible customer service and they did nothing to help resolve the issue.  Quality control would have eliminated the issue.  If the post office tracked packages the entire way they would be able to know if the package was actually delivered.  All they could tell me was that it was received at the local post office.  Luckily, Amazon was amazing and sent me a new package with no questions asked.  They actually sent it a different way and over nighted the package to me.  I ordered Chinese the other day, it was a nasty day in the mid west so I did not want to venture out but Chinese food sounded very good.  The place by me delivers so I ordered and was waiting a very long time, which was fine considering the weather.  This was a major factor, that and the fact the driver did not know where to go.  So after an hour or so, he finally calls and still doesn’t show up.  Having a proper GPS would have resolved this issue.  This is another time when technology could have helped with the situation.  The Chinese place actually called me and offered to send a driver that knew where I lived with a fresh meal.  This place has made a couple other mistakes in the past, but they have always gone above and beyond to make it better.  



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