Topic: Speech/presentation

Meaningful and effective use of interprofessional therapeutic communication in nursing practice

Learning outcomes that align to this task:

Need presentation on this specific topic.

Demonstrate an understanding of Crisis Resource Management (CRM) and situational awareness in relation to healthcare practices;

Time for speech 4-5 minutes.

PPT needed with reference and example. Thanks

Follow this guideline with above topic.

Presentation is focussed on the area of peer teaching. Peer teaching gives senior students an opportunity to demonstrate in real terms their own grasp of content as well as the ability to pass this knowledge to another.

Teaching is an integral part of nursing care. The RN Standards recognise our responsibility to self-education as well as education of our peers. Our Code of Conduct also recognises this requirement.

The peer teaching presentations will take place in simulation labs.

The assessment for this task has sections on:

  1. Topic knowledge (defining terms; putting the values into contexts; answering questions, etc)
  2. Presentation skills (eye contact; voice modulation and projection; engagement; timing; etc)
  3. Evidence (facts to back assertions; examples from practice and research)
  4. Teamwork (flow; cohesion; repetitions)
  5. Critical thinking under pressure (how the unexpected situations are managed; management of feedback to another group)

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