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Video Discussion 5 – Bill Belichick

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Watch the following video:Bill Belichick On Leadership, Winning, Tom Brady Not A ‘Great Natural Athlete’ (Exclusive) | CNBC (Links to an external site.)

Discuss ways you can implement Bill’s team building and leadership strategies into business.

Discussion posts should relate the video to the subject matter BY REFERENCING YOUR TEXTBOOK and provide information, opinions or questions about that subject matter . A substantive initial post should be at 200-250 words. Where its appropriate, please support your assertions with outside sources.

Follow-up posts should be a minimum of 100 words and supported with outside sources where appropriate. Posts like “I agree” or “great post” will not receive credit. Follow-up posts should be designed to continue the conversation BY ADDING A THOUGHT FROM THE TEXTBOOK. A great way to do that is by asking questions for clarification or sharing an example.

Initial posts must be made by Thursday at midnight of each week. Two follow-up posts must be made by Sunday at midnight.

A high-quality Discussion posting should be clear, well-written, and free of typos or sentence fragments. One good way to help with spelling and grammar is to write your post(s) in Word, Google Docs, or another word processing app and then run a spelling and grammar check before copying and pasting it into Canvas.

All sources must be cited in proper APA format.

you will need to respond to two classmates about their response.

first student

Daniel Collins

TuesdayJun 30 at 10:35am

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There is no doubt that Bill Belichick is an admirable, honorable, humble man. A few aspects stuck out to me during the video interview with Bill Belichick: humbleness, planning, flexibility, discipline, and dependability. This video explains how Bill pays an enormous amount of detail to planning. He does everything short term and accomplishes one goal before moving on to the next. His tedious attention to detail allows him to enter every battle fully prepared. However, I think what makes Bill most successful is his ability to be flexible and change that plan according to environmental factors. Our text states, “when managers use their authority to assign work to employees, those employees take on an obligation to perform those assigned duties” (Robbins, Coulter, Martocchio, & Long, 2018, p.351). Bill takes this further by explaining that the most dependable employees/players are the ones he puts the most responsibility on. He is humble and knows that everything they have achieved was earned by dependable, accountable players. Lastly, Bill mentioned a moment in his career where he presented the offensive coordinator with an out of the norm offense. This very offense is what caused them to be able to pull of the upset. Our text covers boundaryless organizations and open innovation, both speaking of having an undefined, limitless, open to new ideas-based culture (Robbins, Coulter, Martocchio, & Long, 2018, p.362-363). The way Bill coaches his team proves that all of these aspects are great business techniques.


Robbins, S. P., Coulter, M., Martoccio, J. J., & Long, L. K. (2018). Management (14th ed.). New York, NY: Pearson.

2 student

Halle Penner

ThursdayJul 2 at 6:13pm

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Bill Belichick has very admirable views on leadership. One thing from the video that stuck out me was that he takes the players that are standouts at first and turns them into teams. I had not thought about a successful professional athletic team being able to become successful without an already all star. Belichick’s view on this is taking the athlete, empowering them and coaching them into a star that is a teammate not a selfish player. The way he empowers the athletes and builds teams is like the way the textbook talks about motivating employees (Robbins, 2018). Empowerment is defined as, “giving employees more authority to make decisions (Robbins, 2018).” I think this definition of empowerment can condensed to just giving those who you are leading motivation. When employees are motivated instead of forced to complete tasks, the tasks are done more joyfully and at a higher quality. Belichick and the other Patriots coaching staff empowers and motivates the athlete to work hard and improve in order to win games. This style of leadership and coaching has brought the organization countless victories and multiple Superbowl wins. I think that Belichick is a great leader and has showed that business and leadership principles can used in many different areas of life not just at a desk job.

Robbins, S. P., Coulter, M., Martoccio, J. J., & Long, L. K. (2018). Management (14th ed.). New York, NY: Pearson.

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